We are Public Insurance Adjusters

When it comes to filing an insurance claim for Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Storm Damage, or Water Damage it is important to hire an expert public adjuster that will take the time to look at the full scope of your insurance policy.


The team at Alliance Adjustment Group is recognized as the top public insurance adjuster in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We work for you!


Alliance Adjustment Group will not only fight on your behalf, but will capitalize on every opportunity available under your insurance policy.


Our licensed and experienced adjusters will help you understand the details of your claim and policy so you receive the maximum recovery.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Watch our video to learn more.



Do I Have a Claim?

How do you know if you have a claim?  What should you do prior to filing a claim? What should you know about your Homeowner’s insurance policy and how can a Public Adjuster assist you in complying with your policy’s requirements?  We will answer all of your questions!  Call us today: (267) 880-3000, or click below.


Why call us?

Having a public adjuster handle your insurance claim will take the burden of dealing with the insurance company’s demands off of your hands.

Water Damage

If I even have minor water damage in my home, should I file a claim?

Fire Damage

When a fire destroys or damages your home what should you do first?

Storm/Flood Damage

What should I do if my property suffered flood damage?  

We care for our client’s like family, we understand the stress you and your family are under when a tragic event happens. When the weight of a complete loss is on your shoulders, we want our clients to know, Alliance Adjustment Group will continue to understand your policy, “persist” and care for the details on your behalf with one goal in mind, a complete recovery for you! James Wagner

President and Founder, Alliance Adjustment Group

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Our Clients Are Like Family

Alliance Adjustment Group has certified specialists that will review your claim and discuss your specific policy in detail so that you understand what you can and can not claim prior to any actions to move forward. Each claim is unique and that is what makes Alliance Adjustment Groups service and experience so valuable when looking to maximize any claim recovery.