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By James Wagner, Alliance Adjustment Group

In celebration of Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, you may decide to fire up gas grill today, toss a few dozen burger on, and show everyone your ‘Grill Master’ skill. Did you forget to pull the grill far enough away from the house?

Each year, thousands of homeowners cause damage to their own home, simply by failing to keep the grill far enough away from their siding during use.  The grill radiates a tremendous amount of heat during use, and while you may think this heat is harmless, it is easily warm enough to damage your siding.  The closer the grill is to the siding, to more susceptible the siding is to damage.

The damage to the siding is not always noticeable until after the party guests leave. Minor heat exposure from the grill may cause the siding to look wavy, droopy, or otherwise “different” somehow. In some cases, the heat is sufficient to discolor and bubble the siding, as well.  In most cases, this damage happens in the rear or side of the home, perhaps of a deck or patio area.  The siding in this area often runs continuously around onto other side and areas of the home’s exterior, making it impossible to repair without it looking obvious.

If you recently had grilling mishap, don’t beat yourself over it. Call the experts at Alliance Adjustment Group, at let us come out and take a look.

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James Wagner, President/CEO


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