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Hail Claims In Reading – Still Unresolved

By James Wagner, President, Alliance Adjustment Group, Inc.

It has been several months since the Hail storms wreaked havoc in Reading and the surrounding communities. Much attention was drawn to the story of the damages caused by the powerful storm in the days and weeks immediately following the event. However, as always, the Hail story was simply replaced by another headline, in our never-ending thirst for news. Unfortunately, many home and business owner throughout the areas hard hit, cannot simply change the channel, for they are still living with the aftermath of the Hail.

For the layperson it may seem easy. We have all seen pictures in the news of homes and businesses with their roofs punctured, and their windows shattered. Those damages are easy to see, but what about the damages that are not so obvious? Damage such as impact depressions to roofing; cracked roof rafters and sheathing; drywall crack and nail pops; ensuing roof and siding leaks; and power surge damage to electronics, are not as easily recognized, but can be equally as costly to repair or replace.

When a loss event like this happens, there is a reasonable expectation that the damages are all going to be covered by the insurance company, right? What happens when they are not? What happens when your insurance company’s adjuster stops being as attentive as he or she was? Things happen. Major storms hit other areas of the country regularly. When that happens, insurance companies are forced to move their adjusters to those other areas, to address the immediate concerns that arise from the “new” storm. Where does that leave you, and your still-unresolved claim? It can be frustrating to say the least.

That is where Alliance Adjustment Group, Public Adjusters, comes in. We are experts in Storm Damage claims, and we are not going anywhere!

If you have damage to your home or business, and you are not happy with the way your claim is progressing for whatever reason, you are encouraged to call us today at 888.890.2288 to schedule a FREE, no obligation, in-home property damage assessment. We can even re-open a closed claim to address any additional damages that were not previously realized or included.

Should we have the privilege of serving you, we would immediately jump into action, and work to get the claim on track for the most favorable settlement possible, based on your damages and policy. When you hire Alliance Adjustment Group, you can rest easy knowing you have the very best team on your side.

Call us today, and see what we can do for you.


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