Do I Have a Claim?

Interpreting an insurance policy to see if you have a claim can be a complicated and stressful process. Our experts can quickly determine if you have a claim.

Sometimes it is obvious if you have an insurance claim or not. Other times it is not so obvious.

A small leak may seem minor at the time but it can cause major issues in the future. At Alliance Adjustment Group, we always recommend that you call us first before contacting your insurance company. Our experts are able to assess ALL of the damage that occurred and ensure that you receive full compensation. 

A fire damage claim may seem like a simple claim, however, other areas of your home may have been damaged by smoke, water or soot making the claim much more complicated. You may even have a claim if your neighbors house experiences a fire and your belongings are damaged by smoke. Water damage claims can also be complicated. Sudden and accidental damage from a burst pipe is usually covered on your policy. Other types of water damage may require additional coverage including floods and water backup from sewers, drains, and sump pump overflow. The experts at Alliance Adjustment Group can assess your claim and your policy. If you do have a claim they will fight for you to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for the damage that is covered by your policy.

Filing a claim is a very stressful time.

You need to ensure that you think through what date the event happened, exactly what happened, and account for all of the damage that occurred. Misunderstandings and improperly filled claims can lead to a reduced settlement. We are here to take the stress out of the claims process. That means we sit down with you and ensure that all the details are correct and all damage is accounted for before lodging your claim with your insurance company. Whether it is us or another public adjuster you should always have an expert on your side when dealing with your insurance company.